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Why you should be podcasting!


Podcasting can help you meet influential people from the get-go!

Podcast to give yourself away!  Content is great but personality is better. When you podcast you set yourself up to meet the most amazing people, create a community, changing the lives of people and one of the great benefits, growing your income!

You can help people and grow your influence

With podcasting becoming more and more popular, many now consider it to be the ideal successor to regular radio. It is a unique! You can reach out and help people by sharing the things YOU are passionate about in the niche they are passionate about. Given that you are passionate about your advocacy and the message you would like to impart, you can definitely make a difference however small.

Reaching a different audience

Podcastin is also the ideal option for people who are on the go–they can listen to your podcast while driving or doing something else. This just makes consumption of information more seamless, which brings us to the next point . . .

There are so many people who need YOUR best insights

Whether in business, ministry, or just a wise old man or talented young lady. You have insights that you have learned and mistakes you learned to avoid. There are others who can profit from hearing from you!

Podcasts have become one of the best sources for education

If you are an expert in something or in any field–could even be in magic tricks, you can definitely start a podcast. I truly believe that every one of us has unique stories, ideas, and skills, that someone out there needs to hear. You may never know it yet but you might just change someone’s life just by sharing your brilliance through your podcast.


Showcasing what’s in your heart and mind!

Why listen to boring podcasts when you can create yours? Say what you mean or do what you love. Either way, don’t let your talents and knowledge make the graveyard a richer place. Share YOU with the world